Putting Humans Back in the Traffic Loop

At last …. blogged about this over a year ago, when BBC Radio 4 “Today” reported on a Dutch experiment to do away with traffic signs and road markings, and just leave the drivers to it. Sounds irrational, but it’s proven that there are less accidents and more courtesy, because the humans have to use eye-contact and body-language to work out priorities and safe manouvres.

Well yesterday it was announced that such a scheme was going to be adopted in an experiment in the UK that included a busy zone passing a school, where many “traffic calming” measures had previously been tried – doing away with speed-bumps, chicanes, cameras, speed limits, and in fact all road signs and white lines – the lot. (The Thursday Today link is ephemeral – I’ve downloaded the interview and will upload a link – needs Real Player.)

Less is more – you better believe it.
Irrational (subject-involving, non-objective, non-scientific rationale) is better than rational, for any complex evolved system involving humans. That’s MoQ.

We humans are not rational, we are “post-rationalising” for reasons of comfort – Argyris Theory I Model in Use, etc… Wake up from that meme dream (Blackmore) …. need I go on ?

(Our current bee-in-bonnet is new white lines appearing all over multi-lane roundabouts – how does any traffic planner believe these can possibly help anyone, except cover his own arse, and his employer’s arse, in the event of an incident ?)

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