Jorn is Posting Again

Jorn is Posting Again. Same e-mail and same links to RobotWisdom. Came across this Mortimer Adler reference in a recent post of his. Jorn’s weblog at Robot Wisdom is still untouched since October 2003. He’s back posting (since Jan 2004 it seems) and on his ontology for human life quest again.

An interesting aspect is this quote … Since Adler’s day (1952– pre-Double-Helix), advances in biology have made more practical what I call an ‘etymogeny’ (cf etymology), a sorting of concepts in the order they evolved in nature:

This is very close to Pirsig’s levels of value, and he and Adler were on opposite sides of the Chicago divide. This looks like a very important connection. Must resurrect my “Circle of Life” metaphorical image again soon.

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