Agents of Change

Agents of Change. Another one from Daniel Quinn [Ishmael Quote] Each of us must become an agent of change within the range of our own influence, and it doesn’t matter how great that range is. If you can’t reach a hundred (Ishmael’s suggested number), then reach ten, and if you can’t reach ten, then reach one, because you never know — that one may reach a million! [Unquote].

Two points – (a) change is about hearts and minds (Memetics), not facts and regulations, and (b) some change agents seem more effective than others, (Tipping Point et al again), but even a single individual mind changed is part of the process.

Ishmael – still not actually read Daniel Quinn’s book(s), even though they have been on my reading list for almost three years. Browsed lots of the Ishmael Community on-line resources in that tme, and feel I know the messages already. Why is it that this apparent common sense has to take on such an earnest religious flavour – probably explains why I’ve still not dived into the books yet. Perhaps my Scylla and Charybdis are common sense and religion, rather than scientific fundamenatlism and pseudoscience ? [the latter after James Willis]

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