Don’t Analyse Creativity

Another good post from Maria Popover at Brain Pickings fed via Facebook.

Perhaps a bit obvious the list of “rules” in the Zen sense, but totally applicable to the education context – ie where education, education, education is the point of the exercise, though of course education, education & learning remains a major point of any evolving human activity. No point doing anything if you don’t also learn to adopt, adapt, improve.

Particularly like this:

Don’t try to create and analyze at the same time.
They’re different processes.”

I’ll say. Not only different, but conflicting opposites. To analyse is to cut to pieces, the very opposite of constructive creation. Analysis is not only paralysis, it can be destruction too. There’s a time to analyse, there’ a time to act. The adage I’ve adopted is:

“Careful with that knife, Aristotle.”

And there are equivalent adages in many other contexts, I’m sure you can think of.

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