White (Quantum) Supremacists

Keep getting cross-search-hits with an organisation called s_t_o_r_m_f_r_o_n_t – no-link / disguised here to avoid linking / hits and providing the oxygen of publicity.

Dreadful mentality these people (evil anti-islam propaganda forum in the current world climate), but the common ground is the Aryan (Proto-Indo-European) cultural origins, and the Vedic / Sanskrit sources of Hindu / Bhuddist thinking. Innocent cross hits on the word “Viras”. Apparently Sanskrit for “man” – probably perfect man in the Sanskrit language of perfection sense – but hijacked for the “master race” rhetoric of this group. My Vedic interests crossed with a reference to Viras as one surname of Pallikari-Viras, authors of a 1991 paper on Quantum Non-Locality. How remote is that ?

Each to his own I guess, but boy, does the web need at least some useful ontology.
Discrimination (discernment) of the right kind.

Talking of which – Save the Great White Males concludes Eric Idle. [via Adam Curry][via Lisa Rein]

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