Nuclear Power Deal

I’ll probably come back to this, but for now just a brief comment.

I’ve very pro next generation nuclear power, though I need to check out the intrinsic safety of the particular EDF / AREVA design proposed, and I’m very pro French and Chinese (and Russian, and South African) engineering innovation in this space, where UK and US have lagged. However the “deal” agreed with the UK government seems to be the worst of all possible worlds in terms of the political economic energy pricing fog that is bound to hang like a millstone around the project for its lifetime and beyond, obscuring any actual technical and social cost-benefit.

Can’t believe the wholly French-Chinese consortium with UK Gov price-guarantee was the best arrangement for UK Power industry, or UK consumers & tax-payers long term. Convenient for the current government obviously, underwrite a big future cheque and stand back from any responsibility to make it work. Future blame-game assured.

[Grist to the “who is we” agenda. UK (w or w/o Scotland), EU, Western Alliances, Global consitituencies?]

[Post Note : Ditto the Porstmouth vs The Clyde shipyards political deal ….. who is we, again ?]

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