Gates Backs Blogs

Gates Backs Blogs [via Lilia][via Basturea][Quote]”What blogging and these notifications are about is that you make it very easy to communicate,” Gates told executives gathered at Microsoft’s headquarters for its annual CEO Summit. Gates’ comments on blogging technology were the most extensive thus far from Microsoft’s chief software architect, signaling that the world’s largest software company is waking up to the potential of blogging as a potential threat and also as a new business opportunity. The growth in the number of blogs, and those who read them, however, is attracting greater attention from businesses as a means to communicate more directly with their employees, partners and customers. That’s due in part to the way that blogging has driven the adoption of yet another technology, called Real Simple Syndication (RSS), which allows blog readers to track freshly posted information without having to browse through a long list of home pages. Instead, many subscribe to RSS feeds on blogs so that they can read them on desktops as they come in. [Unquote][And here reported by the Beeb]

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