McAfee pulls it off

McAfee pulls it off. Been struggling under spam and adware in recent weeks. The spam’s bad enough, but the adware (CoolWebSearch) has gradually been hijacking and spawning browsers all over the place.

Difficult to be vigilant with the firewall with four different domestic users klicking OK to so many different legitimate reasons to access the web that eventually the garbage starts leaking through. VirusScans help, but I needed to install McAfee AntiSpyware today to get rid of the hijackers. When it turned out that didn’t scan and delete deep enough to get rid of the particular hijacker without the infection popping-up next time you hit a browser, the guys at McAfee instantly sent me a tool from Ad-Aware that did the trick.

Very impressive service, the McAfee 24/7 human web-chat support.
Maybe I should start attacking the spam more vigilantly too.

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