Dot Griffiths

If you’ve ever read the on-line version of my masters dissertation, or any number of references in the blog to the human aspects of organisational behaviour in governance, or the gender differences in world-views and decision-making behaviour, you can’t fail to have noticed my references to the three women I had the honour to be taught by at Imperial College Management School.

Sandra Dawson, Karen Legge and Dot Griffiths.

Sandra, my thesis supervisor, has since moved on to elevated pastures new. Master of Sidney Sussex and Judge Institute, Cambs and many a non-exec management board.

Karen left for Lancaster before I finished my masters.

And Dot, who’s been at the college since … since before I did my batchelor’s there, and my tutor throughout the time of my masters … has retired from Imperial only this week.

A real inspiration.

Dot with her book



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