Getting There

Mentioned a couple of posts ago that I needed to explain the under-par blogging for the last month or two of 2013.

I changed jobs, starting a new job early November that involves a weekly commute to London from the North East home. At almost the same time, I was in the process of enhancing another joint blogging project [The Global Circle] when a failed WordPress upgrade affected all my blogs, including this one, at the very point where I didn’t really have enough time for both admin and blogging.

Still a few things missing here on Psybertron – mainly lost links to 13 years worth of media still to be resolved (apologies for that) but I think everything else is at least functional. All the social media linking works again – but so much variable behaviour of different social media apps on different devices. Some strange remaining bug in the first post / single post pages having a long blank gap between the foot of the post text and the comment / sharing links – which I know a theme upgrade will fix.Working on collecting all my customisations before I do that fix. Connectivity-wise I have mobile broadband working, that fits my weekly travel logistics, so I can blog or admin from any device anywhere.

In the process I may consolidate my solo and joint blogs into one vehicle [Joining Dots & Weaving Threads], or at least re-evaluate my publishing objectives, and join forces with another collaborative (edited) project, in order to simplify my admin. I’d be interested in the meantime from anyone interested in genuinely collaborative joint publishing, not just a channel for their own content (you probably already have one of those?).

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