30th Anniversary ZMM Rides

This year is 30 years since Robert Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance was published. To mark the event ….

Fritz Schabmuller and Gregor Schleicher are doing the ZMM route (on Harley’s) to raise money for charities (Medicin sans Frontieres & The White Ring). They leave Ingolstadt on 1st July then starting in Chicago they are doing the whole route from Minneapolis arriving San Francisco 29th July. Their web site includes a daily blog.

Mark Richardson, motoring journalist with the Toronto Star, is also doing the trip, as a sabbatical writing project, departing Minneapolis 19th July, to arrive San Francisco by the 30th.

I wish them all luck. Gary Wegner’s route map. My route map.
If you’re on their route look out for them and give ’em a wave.

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