Anarchy Chooses Governance

I was thinking this hearing the news stories around bitcoin going maintream, and noticed this post on LinkedIn today.

“the bitcoin industry embraces what it was built to avoid – rules and regulation”

Sooner or later every (would be) anarchist discovers “we” chose governance because it’s good for “us”. You listening Russell Brand?

2 thoughts on “Anarchy Chooses Governance”

  1. People always collaborate and self-organaize. Are not some additional features of the process required to say that they are choosing specifically “governance”? But with the BC the key term is “enforcement”. The system is designed in such way that community can establish rules and regulations, but will have limited means to enforce them. Or, putting in another way, only the unquestionable rules and regulations have a chance to be enforced. So we’ll see – what are these.

    And one other thing – do not mix rules and regulations imposed on people with rules and regulations imposed on the money system. You can shoot gold owners and you can allow thieves of the most regulated fiat money go unprosecuted.

  2. Hmm, not mixing. We choose to self-impose (and enforce) our rules on ourselves – that’s my point – we are we. If we (later) find our governance imposing rules we don’t like, we work to change them but we don’t undermine our right to enforce our rules on ourselves in the meantime. They is just we from earlier times.

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