Stevie Lange

Watched a documentary on Alice Martineau (Cystic Fibrosis victim, model-musician-singer-songwriter, deceased aged 30 in 2003) last night. Someone very talented, whose work had sadly passed me by.

Anyway, the highlight for me was seeing Stevie Lange, voice coach and session singer to the stars and countless ads, in front of the camera, being interviewed about Alice, with occasional documentary clips where Stevie’s magic voice came through. I have a web-page of photos of Stevie from an earlier life. A Google on her name throws up a name-droppers dream of artists she’s coached or backed – Tears for Fears, Swing Out Sister, Robbie Williams, Sniff’n’the Tears, Manfred Mann (natch), Blue, even Limp Bizkit (!) to name a few.

Stevie now runs her own music business operation via “Let’s Talk Music”, which has a full bio / discography / artists list. Go to her page and click on her recent (1995!) track “What Would You Say” to get a taste of that rockin’ voice – 1979 again ! (And also 3 tracks from the 1979 “Night” album on that page.)

[Update – Stevie’s latest official site is]

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