Walking on Air

Apropos nothing in particular,
great to see Gareth Bale enjoying success in the Champions League semi-final.


Pic courtesy the BBC (oh, and Getty Images of course). And an excuse to try out the new WordPress 3.9 image drag / drop / resize features in the post editor. Simples.

Despite the obvious direction of motion frozen in the sporting context, hard not to see him being drawn up to the heavenly light 😉 In fact, what with his foreground scale against the crowd, and the tiers in the stadium, not so much spot-the-ball as stairway-to-heaven.

[And success at the other end of the scale, well done to John Still and Luton Town for regaining their football league status.]

[Finally – you couldn’t write this stuff – Gareth’s season did have the fairy tale ending he deserved.]

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