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Good to see Laura Mersini-Houghton’s work recognised as important news on Newsnight. The work of a scientist not hidebound by fictions of the standard model, unlike the emperor’s new clothes over at CERN.

Cosmic Continuity https://www.psybertron.org/?p=7006
Bang Goes The Big Bang https://www.psybertron.org/?p=6970
Cracks in the Cosmic Egg https://www.psybertron.org/?p=6911

Hopefully we’ll see funding diverted to real science in future.


Re-watched this morning (I came across it by accident yesterday, and didn’t catch the whole thing). Jeremy asks the right question – isn’t this really about the limits of what science can know, and how much this kind of science is relevant to human knowledge. (I’ll have to see if I can rip the video.)


Different piece, from Rick commenting on Facebook. Big Bang Blunder Burst Multiverse Bubble. (Hat tip to Dawkins Foundation whose hint of a saving grace is the and between science and reason.) (I think this is the “twisty B-mode CMBR polarisation” evidence against the big bang Penrose referred to in Bang Goes the Big Bang above.)

… should make the scientific community contemplate
the implications for the future of cosmology …

Some interesting points in the comment thread too …

… pure politicking …
… skeptical that science reporting is reliable and helpful to scientific enterprises …
… etc.

The one thing people can agree on is that science is not religion, but sadly most reported science is not science either. Wake-up science.

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