Northrop and Heisenberg

Another one of those “the plot thickens” links. Read and blogged about both F.S.C. Northrop (The Meeting of East and West) and Werner Heisenberg (Physics and Philosophy), but didn’t notice the the US edition of the latter (1958 Great Minds series, published by Prometheus) had an introduction by the former. I read the UK Penguin edition of Phsyics and Philosophy, with an intro by Paul Davies, I think.

2 thoughts on “Northrop and Heisenberg”

  1. I’ve got a British edition which contains the Northrop introduction. World Perspectives series published by George Allen and Unwin.(1959)

    Have you read his essay “Positivism , Metaphysics and Religion.” . I found it fascinating.


  2. Interesting I’ve found other Northrop connections more recently – “with my other hat on” ….

    That Heisenberg essay is new to me – I’ll look it up.

    My research these days is much more focussed on “information” underlying all physics and epistemology in a present-day context. The recognition of perennial (and ubiquitous) evolutionary philosophy in so many 19th/20th century thinkers I treat practically as a given – but fascinating none-the-less.

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