Big Bang Doubts Progress

One to add to the list

Still intent on laying the doubt on local errors, rather than the theory itself – because to give the creationist nutters an inch by suggesting there was no big bang would be to give them a politically incorrect mile.

Science as politics with an agenda set by nutters, not by real science.

[And it had been …. Nobel prize-worthy said Alan Guth. He he.]

Rick Ryals commenting on others commenting on UK Creationism teaching ban story:

“It isn’t a creation debate, it is about dishonesty in science that squashes real science that draws similar but purely naturalistic conclusions about some of the evidence that creationists use, and is therefore destroyed by the herd of rabid atheists who would pretend to be on the side of science… And then of course, there are many like yourself who don’t know the relevant science (probably most by a long shot) who eagerly join the rampaging herd of ideologues in science because 99% of those established activists are on your side politically.”

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