Think I saw these some months ago, but didn’t spot the potential. Saw this link via Matt Whyndham. Leads to

Not so concerned with the mind-mapping angle – just a matter of visually appealing presentation – but the fact that allows categorisation of linked pages. I wonder if I could use this to categorise my own blog posts as well as linked pages ? I wonder if I can also categorise my categories, by simply having a post for each category ? Must try out.

And via the same Brown Hen link – the Snowflake Metaphor for planning a narrative – common sense, but an interesting metaphor. More worrying is the rest of this guy’s christian writing site. Spookily one of his friends works in Bozeman …. AAAaaaggghhh!!! lets not go there.

Anyway – more grist to the “physicists who got close to the edge” theme. This guy was into string-theoretical physics (for real) , which is one or two up on the original quantum physicists, but like so many he found something hard to explain about real-life philosophy at the boundaries of knowledge. Hopefully religion and/or madness (and/or book-writing) are not the only escape routes.

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