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CEO Blog – Glenn Reid at FiveAcross [via Stuart Henshall]. [Quote] The bathtub was invented in 1842. The telephone was invented in 1876. That means you could have sat in the bathtub for 34 years without the phone ringing. [Unquote] I like that.

Slightly more practically, he says, though in Microsoft knocking mode, [Quote] … projects involve human beings, and as a species we don’t handle complexity very well. We are wired to simplify: vision simplifies what is really there, recognizing patterns; socially we simplify: you’re either Good, or you’re Bad, Guilty or Innocent; intellectually we simplify: the scientific method is based on reducing an experiment down to as few variables as possible so you can “control” for them and measure the one you’re interested in. Humans can support up to 3 simultaneously contradictory thoughts at once, before melting down into indecision and confusion [or hypocrisy ?]. So what happens when you put 400 programmers on one project and try to run it? [Unquote]

Also like his ease of use vs discoverability post.

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