Talking of Hypocrisy

As I was with Eco’s plot below, I did also mention earlier that I had obtained Nils Brunsson’s “The Organisation of Hypocrisy”. Read only a small part so far …

Interestingly, Brunsson says most people interpreted his first edition as pointing out a hypocrisy that was in need of stamping out in order to improve management of organisations. In fact Brunsson wishes to make clear that his motive is much more pragmatic (and dare I say hypocritical) in that he simply wants to improve understanding of a fact of life that exists, so that people can manage it, exploit it to their advantage. He is making no value judgement about whether hypocrisy is good or bad per se.

Seems self-defeating to me, so I’m going to find this harder to read than I thought, but I’ve started, so I’ll finish.

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