We Believe In Science

The Mindful Universe by Henry Stapp, from the quantum physics edge of consciousness.

[Quote] It is often claimed that science stands mute on questions of values: that science can help us to achieve what we value once our priorities are fixed, but can play no role in fixing these weightings. That claim is certainly incorrect: science plays a key role in these matters. For what we value depends on what we believe, and what we believe is increasingly determined by science …. according to the revised notion, physical reality behaves more like spatially encoded information that governs tendencies for experiential events to occur, than like anything resembling material substance …. it was precisely the absence of any notion of experiential-type realities in classical physics, or of any job for them to do, or of any possibility for them to do anything not already done by the tiny mechanical elements, that has been the bane of philosophy for three hundred years. …. it is the revised understanding of the basic nature of human beings, and of the causal role of their consciousness in the unfolding of reality, that is, I believe, the most exciting thing about the new physics, and probably, in the final analysis, the most important contribution of science to the well-being of our species. [Unquote]

Quantum consciousness for non-physicists. Worth a read.

My earliest link to Stapp. Just before I first read Pirsig.

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