David Lavery’s Evil Genius

Just updated my link to David Lavery‘s Owen Barfield site a couple of days ago.

Today Robert Pirsig himself recommended David Lavery’s “Evil Genius” site via Ant McWatt on the MoQ Discussion Board.

Who is Joanna Climacus ? Real or fiction ?
(Or is it Johanna Climacus – both spellings on the site ? The former in the page text, the latter in the button & book-cover graphics)

A fictional lady buying her stairway to heaven ?

Here is St John Climacus of the “Ladder to Perfection” (or Stairway to Heaven)
Here is Joanna (Polish ?) – “Room of my Own” blogger recommending Climacus.
All other “Joanna Climacus” hits are on Lavery’s site.
No “Johanna Climacus” hits indexed anywhere.

Intriguing plot – at first brief glance – travelling back in time to terminate Descartes and rid the world of mind-matter duality, and more besides ? The Name of the Rose approached from the 24th rather than 14th century ?

(Thread on MoQ-Discuss debating whether or not Johanna Climacus is the female nom-de-plume of David Lavery. No substitute for reading it and drawing your own conclusions. Anyway, one piece of education, Kierkegaard used Johannes Climacus as his own pseudonym / character.)

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