Everybody knows that “No” means “Yes”.

Van Morrison (59 yesterday) apparently wrote …
Too complicated, too complicated
You know this crazy scene
Too complicated, too complicated
No one says what they mean
Are you telling me that everything’s fine
When I can’t even tie my shoes
Better get into a new frame of mind
When I don’t have to think about the business no more
`Cause I just wanna blow my horn.
[wood s lot][via Language Hat]
Somehow fit’s this week’s mood, and kinda put me in mind of Divine Comedy’s (Neil Hannon’s) Becoming More Like Alfie – “Everybody knows that no means yes, just like glasses come free on the NHS. The more I look through them, the more I see …. “

(Clue – glasses = spectacles, NHS = UK National Health Service)

Tonight (in the Kingston) is spooky night, obviously. Language Hat (above) is one of those blogs I love to browse, for no obvious constructive reason than the pleasure in the words. Some excellent links in the same vein too – cannylinguist for example made me smile, and I didn’t even follow the link – but tonight just after writing the lines above I followed the link to “Long Story; Short Pier” (first time ever, honest) and find the motto at the top of he site is “The Gin in the Gin Soaked Boy” – a little more Neil Hannon. Weird.

And finally, having strolled along that pier, the paradoxical moral of this little post is “The at-once depressing and uplifting moral to take from all of this is simply to realize: voting is terribly important. It’s absolutely vital. It’s also the least important thing we can do, politically.”

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