Update from Mersini-Houghton

Public communications piece from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Laura Mersini-Houghton’s recent announcements (previously reported Bang Goes The Big Bang here):

“Physicists have been trying to merge these two theories ” Einstein’s theory of gravity and quantum mechanics ” for decades, but this scenario brings these two theories together, into harmony,” said Mersini-Houghton. “And that’s a big deal.”

And it does that by dispensing with black holes and singularities (and consequent inflation and dark-matter and dark-energy and many-worlds multi-verses), all the way back to the big bang. Stripping out the hacks and returning to (classical) common sense. (Hat tip to Rick on FB again- trawling the web for big-bang updates.)

That’s a big deal.

[Post Note : Obviously there are honestly sceptical responses to Mersini-Houghton, but so far no direct refutation, and I did notice one reference to Stephen Hawking having now agreed with her, over the non-existence of black-holes as singularities anyway. Need to collate other links.]

[Post Note : Oh, and how timely.]

3 thoughts on “Update from Mersini-Houghton”

  1. Interesting, though this is a technical response to the specific calculations. It will take a while before everyone is convinced – 80 years I reckon – but no doubt the hacks and fudges in the “standard model” are having all credibility undermined enough for people to look rather than defend. (ie science instead of politics)

  2. I should add, Sabine Hossenfelder, seems to be very active on Facebook and Twitter – people keep sending me posts from her.

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