More Faith in Love and Friendship @BHAhumanists @jimalkhalili #tftc #whatsofunnybout

I need to consolidate a few posts to make a fuller argument, but yet again BHA highlights one of its “Thoughts for the Commute”. This time it’s philosopher Richard Norman :

“Love, friendship and creativity. The enjoyment of making beauty. Making a better world. Who could ask for anything more?”
Richard Norman

Yet again “belief” in the value of human love and friendship – and nothing more. Not the slightest hint of any scientistically rational basis for such belief. Empirical in a hopeful, hindsight-related sense, sure, but objectively repeatable? I doubt it. Just good faith. Come out of the closet, humanists, you know it makes sense.

“What’s so funny ’bout peace, love and understanding ?”
Nick Lowe, quoted by Elvis (and frequently by me).

“All you need is love.”
Lennon & McCartney, quoted by Peter Tatchell.

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