Collapse of Stout Party

Just a quickie to highlight for posterity a point I made earlier (and before).

Forget – “Collapse of the observed probability wave function.”

Think – “Collapse of the mythical abstract concept of objective reality.”

You may have heard that here first, but I’ve been piecing it together from the giants on whose shoulders I would that I stood. For example: now that we’ve buried his cat once and for all, could we please resurrect the good work of Erwin Schroedinger.

One thought on “Collapse of Stout Party”

  1. Yes, a cat pinpointed to zero dimensionality disappears into nowhere – and that’s no laughing matter. When the dance stops, reality drops down a rabbit-hole, until it can find a way to worm its way back out.

    That’s the hole point of natural inclusion – see

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