Exception to my “No Religion” rule

It’s quite a struggle to avoid religion, party politics and war in a public blog in today’s climate – but they do cloud points being made, despite their undoubted relevance to life, the universe and everything. I lost it with posters on the MoQ discussion board recently when the number of people starting from positions of “mystical faith in fairy stories” seemed to exceed the rest.

I do find the level of (overt / apparent / declared) Christian faith in the US quite terrifying from this side of the pond. I suspected it was just part of the game the democrats had to play to get air time, whereas the republicans actually seem to believe this crap. This visual joke below [ From GLWebb (Link Removed by request), also via Rivets] seems to support that view. Many a true word.

Alex has a link here to similar humour vs religion angle from The Register.

The real things here. [via Rivets]

[On a more serious note, notice these three F40’s amongst the 27 Ferraris, Maseratis and Lambourghinis desroyed in this Dutch car showroom fire.]

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