Sandy Deserts – Something Understood with @SamiraAhmedUK

I mentioned earlier last week looking forward to today’s BBC R4 Something Understood “Deserts.

Seeing fatally sunned sandy deserts through western, male, blue eyes (Laurie Lee’s Scott in the Desert) as a contrasting preface to the native female story of Hagar and Ishmael, highlighting of course that the sandy kind are not the only deserts.

Poetic thought in old testament literature. We watch the sun set fire to the sea … Neil Hannon … I might add to the thoughtful and thought-provoking selection. The fear of human (rational) arrogance turning our seeming progress back to post-apocalyptic natural wilderness – letting the desert back in.

Great use of radio to paint images with sound, words and music. Also a feature of the series to let the content speak for itself, without an explicit message or agenda – what is understood is something, not any particular thing. Good stuff.

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