Fair Play to @RustyRockets (and @Ed_Milliband)

As one of those previously dismissive of Brand’s naive revolutionary call to reject democracy and throw it’s babies out with the bathwater, without any apparent “plan” to fill the vacuum with anything other than anarchic revolution, I need to point out that his latest Trews interview with Ed Milliband is excellent.

Ironically, Brand’s closing piece credits Milliband with learning something about the reality of the workings of the press and the banks and such like, whereas the person that’s clearly learned something about what it takes to make change happen is Brand.

Some very honest exchanges about shared frustrations, recognition of the difficulties and (real) limits to power and influence, yet a (seemingly) positive coming together on genuine commitment to common aims. Inter-personal good will – respect and trust – is a much bigger part of this than is often given credit. The Love in Revolution.

What’s so funny ’bout peace, love and understanding?

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