Doh ! Life’s just a hologram really.

I blogged several times before about holochory (holography) being closely related to the idea that the world is fundamentally information behind all those things we might think of as particles, waves and forces. (Particularly compelling thought if you ever wonder about communication bypassing the world we conceive as “physical” – ie paranormal stuff, but not half as daft if you think of quantum non-locality and entanglement – everything, everywhere, all at the same time.)

Even after expressing wonderment at the possibility of that very point, just a year or so ago, I remember noticing in a re-read of Michael Talbot’s “Mysticism and the New Physics” from years earlier (1976/81), that he already mentions the fundamantal nature of holography, suggesting, in about as real a sense as it is possible to suggest such a thing, that the world we see really is a hologram.

What I didn’t spot until reading this cross-hit link from The Irate Scotsman (Matt Gemmell) that Michael Talbot had also written “The Holographic Universe” (1991). Matt also picks up on the William Blake quote “to see the world in a grain of sand” – an allusion I recognise from earlier forays into this space, I’m sure.

Actually Matt’s ongoing blog looks extremely intelligent and interesting all round from my Psybertron prespective. And whole new set of linked people in the blogroll. More reading to do ! (A feeling Matt seems to share – too much to read, too much to write, too little time.) Young Matt’s “about” page suggests he’s no shrinking violet (!) but his “belief creates” adage is a nice terse abreviation of “some things have to be believed to be seen”. Can’t help thinking that brain is wasted on “scrolling pie menus”.

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