What is this doing in the “Technology” section ?

Is the medium really the message ? Need to separate the politics and content of “free” publishing from the technology used.

This might show two things – (a) this kind of censorship and repressive punishment happens, and the blogosphere simply helps make it more publicly apparent. (b) Repressive authorities may choose to repress the freedom of the blogging medium irrespective of the actual message.

I’ve not read the “offending” blog (see here too), so I have no new opinion on the politics of the content. We already know authoritarian cleric regimes suppress anti-authoritarian criticism – that’s why they’re authoritarian, that’s what Amnesty International has always been about isn’t it.

Yes, condemn repression, but let’s not confuse blogging with a cause, the subject, the target. (Too late of course, just another toxic meme out there.)

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