It’s only a cliche, but it’s rock n roll after all.

Some of you will have spotted I did some research on live music before coming to Oz. Both Perth (where I’m headed) and Melbourne (where I am now).

But neither “The Green Room” (Elizabeth and Flinders) nor “Australianmusicweek” hit my radar. The final event is not until Saturday, and I didn’t even see the band (“The High Stakes”) that won tonight’s heat. Nor, by all accounts, did I even see the band with the best musician (Guitarist, Jeb, of “Animal Simpson”)

I did see “Sin City” and “Sojourn”. Chalk and Cheese. My white sneakers were the only non-black attire in the place, apart from Sojourn lead’s boy-scout neck-chief. If I had a pound for each Lou Reed inspired T-shirt. You get the idea. (Reminds me of Keith Allen doing “Perfect Day” every time.)

Last first. Sojourn’s complexity of structure (and hair cuts) reminded me of The Cooper Temple Clause. Worthy, clever, accomplished rock, and very good entertainment, Sojourn are local Melbourne boys apparently.

Sin City on the other hand – were 100% cliche, but also 110% professional at their RnR craft. Goth hair, facials – eyes, lips & teeth, identikit fans, skull’n’crossbones motifs, bare-chested bassist (you know who), the most contrived stage monikers ever, lead guitar who needn’t have exerted himself beyond the crash riffs, lead chick (goth, natch, loved the leopard-skin handbag atop the Marshall, nice touch), almost-thirty-something, finger-less lace gloves, external corset & suspender-belt, simulated mike and stand sex, audience-participation-with-tongues, the works – married to the absolutely truly amazing drummer that is Tommy Gunn (one of those monikers). All four ex-Perth apparently, where I’m headed next. Add 5% humour and they could be …. As the pomme organiser said – you may not have won, but don’t take it too seriously and don’t ever stop what you’re doing.

It’s only rock and roll, but it’s vital.
It’s such a perfect day.
I’m glad I spent it with you.

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