Don’t Blink Or You’ll Miss Jorn

Robot Wisdom has fresh posts 22nd Feb 2005 !!!

What prompted the return ? Hunter S Thomson’s demise ? International Blog Action Day ? This amazing space-pic of Central Park ? Who knows, but it’s the usual mix and sources. Welcome back Jorn – after more than a year off-line.

Actually, the clue must be in his first new link, to “Rigorous Intuition” … what must be the ultimate conspiracy theory blog – everything from state sponsored terrorism to JFK theories – all the more scary for being well written by Canadian Jeff Wells. Perspicuous Jorn calls it. Unlike cock-up, conspiracy requires competence, I find. Makes Michael Moore look tame. Great collection of links to other writers too, but you have been warned – go there at your peril.

(Notice several other blogs spotted Jorn’s reposting within minutes, took me a day to spot it, though I did stumble into it first hand, it has to be said.)

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