Dan Dennett on Information (& Evolution of “Intelligent Design”)


If it looks designed, call it designed … by evolution.

At root it’s all about (disembodied) information, and intelligence is evolved too.

(Good to have that Q&A on gender cognitive differences [9:39 to 13:23 (*)] captured for posterity too.)

Anyway – reported on this talk back in March 2015 – I was there.


[(*)Post Note : On that gender differences issue. In fact the question is specifically on “intelligence” – tougher for reasons of meaningless scales as Dan suggests – but also that balance between scientific benefit and social disbenefit – I heard it right on the night. BUT also references to reactions to James Watson and Larry Summers statements like these – non-PC but not false, says Dan … And he really did side-step a full answer with the idea that some things we are better not knowing … to much criticism from those on the YouTube comment threads. This one is parked.]

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