The World is Bigger than US

I’ve just spent several hours downloading software and registering with Real, Napster and MusicMatch on-line MusicStores as pointed to my MP3.COM so I can legally buy and download music tracks (rather than whole physical CD’s from the likes of good old Amazon). Each let me download, install, register and log-in before advising that their service is only available to US residents.

WTF (iTunes next I guess.)

Or back to BigPond – which seemed to work initially, but the UI had no buttons to get past “Checkout” and seems to have charged me for tracks I’ve found no way to download. Grrrr. (Now seems I’ve paid 3 times for one track and failed to download every time.)

Omigod, even iTunes doesn’t work in Oz.

OK, so where else can I buy music on-line in Oz.

NineMSN and HMV all utter cr*p too. Very limited range of material available for download. Oh well off to the real (physical) record store it seems.

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