Islamism Meets Girl Power

Tremendously powerful piece from Katrin Bennhold in the NYT. (Hat tip to tweet from Samira Shackle.) Already tweeted a few comments – but a must read, with messages worth taking seriously, however misguided the full reasoning.

“In this world counterculture is conservative, religion is punk rock, headscarves are liberation and beards are sexy.”

“They spoke of leaving behind an immoral society to search for virtue and meaning”

“Counterculture is conservative” is an interesting message in itself. Being anti-authoritarian, anti-establishment is such established de-rigeur culture (fashion) – amongst the baying mobs on social media – that the value of a little authoritative conservatism is lost to all but a small few. Coincidentally the point and comment earlier today on this science-related Facebook post from Sabine.


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The Winnower – We need to improve our culture.
This is too real.…/goals-of-science-vs-goals-of-scient…/
  • Only disagreement (proposed modification) :
    Challenge authority. Make friends
    Cite authority. Make different friends.
    (ie the difference is all to do with friends’ attitude to authority,
    sadly, nothing to do with how relevant to understanding the content.)
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‘We need to improve how to be “good” in our culture.’

All women, notice. Vive la difference.


[Post Note : This from BBC / Frank Gardner.]

[Post Note : And the opposite case.]

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