On A More Lighthearted Note

“Troubleshooter” in the Enlightened Caveman thread provides this link.

Actually it’s funny, but it’s not lighthearted is it ? It’s quite chilling how true it is. It’s even more chlling that the creator (of the cartoon) felt he had to use Norse mythology as his foil, rather than christianity. Now I am being paranoid.

File under “many a true word” and “every picture paints”.

Post Note : Looking beyond the cartoon link, there is quite a bit of thinking here that gels exactly with mine – there is some critique of the creationists quest to get their “theory” on an equal footing with the other one on school curricula. How many times have we referenced that ? Two specific points ..

(1) The Darwinist gets to say something important before he get’s it – Evolution is a theory the elegantly explains the available data AND is supported by empirical …

(2) He says – It?s always both cute and pathetic listening Fundamentalists try to use the language of empiricism to try to defend their wonky myths and superstitions, sort of like seeing chimpanzees wear little human clothes or very young children trying to use polite etiquette. They can approximate the form, but they just don?t get the content. They don?t understand what the word ?theory? means; they confuse correlation with causality; they argue by analogy; they can?t keep a grip on logic. I?m not going to waste any space in this artist?s statement explaining or arguing for the theory of evolution; it?s like having to argue for the theory of gravity or electricity. And anyway, there?s no point in engaging advocates of Creationism or Intelligent Design in debate as though they really accepted enlightenment values or could be convinced by evidence or persuaded by rational discourse. There?s no reason to talk to them at all.

This “lighthearted note” is deadly serious, and correct.

You’re right RobertTim Kreider’s Pain Comics site is very good. This is not a space you can work in without humour. When will it all end ? is the desperate message though. Eclectic set of lists too – Beefheart Bacon Zappa Nietsche Kubrick Axis-of-Eve Mongoloidian-Glow rubbing shoulders.

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