Lessons in Islamism @SamHarrisOrg @MaajidNawaz

Started reading Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz dialogue on Islam – the Future of Tolerance. Sadly not completed due to distractions including another read, but …

My impression is very good. Most of Nawaz subtlety on Jihadi / Islamist motivations looks much like my own – pure common sense, stuff I already agree with – and he has the first-hand perspective I lack.

Alarmingly,  Harris, whilst being positive in the spirit of dialogue, responds with “very interesting” and “that’s important to know”. It’s as if he really has been ignorant of this stuff.

I’ve always criticised Harris’ prejudiced anti-religious “new atheist” position, but always defended his more philosophical rationality, than say Dawkins or Krauss. Surprised he really was that ignorant.

Consistent with my impression of the Harvard live conversation, where I said Harris looked chastened by what he’d learned. Learning is always good. Credit to Harris.

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