Science is Metaphor

Did Timothy Leary really say that (as Dave Pollard quotes) ? You learn something every day. Pretty much every linguistic representation or explanation of anything is metaphor at root, dead or alive, (Lakoff et al) , so no argument with the sentiment.

Can I have some of what he’s having ? Maybe not, as Dave continues [LSD and other] psychedelic drugs work for some people, and have for thousands of years. And, nope, I don’t have any on me.

Typically thorough review from Dave of “twelve ways to think differently”. It’s not rocket science, and there’s nothing new under the sun for 6000 years or so (as one commenter already pointed out). Dave also has a review of ways to access blog content as knowledge bases – which oddly misses the fact that many blogs already have categorisation. Post Note – it’s not the categorisation or tagging that is Dave’s problem, it’s the presentation of the “topics” in browsable form – Matt Mower’s Blog and my comments on this.

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