State of the Nation

I’ve been blogging for over 15 years and reached a point in life, as has happened a couple of times before in that time, where I need to take stock due to some significant life changes happening. I should probably “just write a book” as the psychiatrist said to the madman, and in fact more than one reader has actually suggested that to me, which is nice.

There is a side-project to write a book of course, various draft ideas, works in progress, along with several other hopeful initiatives. One way or another all the words I need to say are already in the blog, though (after Eric Morecambe) not necessarily in the right order.

From my perspective, although I flit about across many apparent subjects in the blog (and associated Twitter exchanges) the underlying theme is if anything becoming more narrowly definable even than the manifesto. In ever sharper focus. Of course my (anyone) being able to define it succinctly and accurately doesn’t do justice to its consequential scope – hence the need to elaborate with intelligible examples and engaging narratives.

Meantime, below, I’m posting a state of my nation to pull together many of the seemingly disparate topics and fulfill several promises to elaborate on one or two of them in a coherent way. To take stock and preserve a few key unspoken connections.

[He said confidently …]

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