What is Enlightenment ?

WIE is redifining spirituality for an evolving world they say. Is there any other kind ? Via Sue Blackmore, who has a broadcast item link on this page.

(Sue, your link to the Grauniad review of your “Very Short Introduction” is broken.)

Actually WIE is an intriguing site, but is it worth $10 / month, even not-for-profit ? Several luminaries in print and voice – but watch those pop-ups.

2 thoughts on “What is Enlightenment ?”

  1. any website which features Anthony Robbins is full of shit on its face. That guy is a charletan… no scientific evidence… just a gut feeling.

  2. I think I said “intriguing”. Lack of “scientific evidence” is not in itself a bad thing in my view, as you will know – but thanks for the warning about robbins, alice.


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