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  1. Hi Psybertron,
    I have been looking at your new improved format and reading some of your recent essays. As always, excellent stuff and I will return.

    What I am confused about is that none of the essays have comments. I know they must exist because you refer to them in some of your writings. (see how scientific I am!) So what gives? Is this because I am in the US? or is it because I’m ignorant and can’t access them?

    Also, you refered to a investigation you have done on the existence of intelligent people who believe in God. Can you help me find these essays?

    Hope you are well.


  2. Alice,
    None of the essays produced on separate pages over the last few years has commenting capability – and in fact even the longer blog entries I’ve lost commments as a result of changing the commenting software a couple of times – so I may well refer to comments (or correspondence) that is not in itself accessible anymore – sorry.

    One of the benefits of WordPress is that if I need to change anything again, I should be able to migrate the comments as well as the content, as they reside in the same database.

    Intelligent believers – I would say is a thread I’ve started, (referred to) but not really written about yet. If you put C S Lewis, or G K Chesterton, or Inkling, or McLuhan in the search – it should return the various “hooks” I’ve created – interestingly I commented on the McLuhan site about this just yesterday too.

    My “stream of consciousness” is of course not necessarily self-consistent 😉

  3. Thanks Georganna – I suspected there would be one out there – another reason for choosing WordPress, the availability of php add-onns.

    My problem is only a relatively small part of my previous commenting used the Blogger comment system – but that probably inlcudes all of yours (and ALice’s) so it is probably worth pursuing.
    Thanks, Ian.

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