Vive la Différence – Let’s Get Physical.

One in a long line on the idea of Vive la différence. So many beliefs on gender equality are simply political correctness – as Djokovic suggests – which have nothing to do with the intended equality of opportunity and human rights.

Sure, you could argue – morally – sport should not be a professional commercial business, but so long as it is, men will earn more than women. Different argument, and it demeans women not to celebrate their actual difference. Archetypically dfferent attributes mean different challenges – physical as well as mental – and that’s true even if the range of attributes overlap enormously – not many men would choose to face a serve from Serena. Politically correct however, to simply suggest women are (should be) no different to men.

At least Djokovic acknowledged the constraints of political correctness in explaining his own view, unlike the ignorant Raymond Moore. Ignorance doesn’t change the truth however.

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