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Eldest caught on camera gigging (dead link, see below) with Red Envy in Reading, plus a review on BBC Berkshire (still live).

“the floppy spikey blond 80’s looking guitarist with red Flying-V and the salmon-pink shoulder-padded jacket”

Better still

“… Muse-esque rock opera crossed with mainstream indie …. three guitars [and keyboard] …. the band are tight enough to pull it off …” Yay!

Irony is I’m currently reading Hofstadter’s “GEB”, which is heavily infused with Bach and his Fugues right from the off, and the three original members used to play under the name “Fugue”.


Pics by Colorz taken from the BBC Berkshire local bands review page – where the local links are now dead:




See also Fugue – earlier band with Tom (Glenny) and Ed.

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  1. I listened to the music and read the review. You must be proud. the vocalist sounds like Al Stewart. Could it be that all british singers sound the same? I take it your son plays lead guitar.

    Talk about irony, yesterday while driving, I realized I was hungry, looked up and realized I was passing by a grocery store.

    Imagine that! Funny thing, I don’t cook.

  2. zzzzz 🙂 OK OK so coincidences aint all that ironic or spooky, but humour me. (Pick up the ten books nearest to hand, and count how many times the word “fugue” appears in the first ten pages – the take a look at GEB.)

    Well actually in both bands Fugue and Red Envy he’s strictly second / rhythm guitar, the other guitarist having the more technical melodic style, though they’ve always shared solo opportunities, but as Ed the front-man says Tom’s “the rock’n’roll soul” of the band. In fact in the Red Envy on-line recordings, almost all the parts and arrangements you hear are actually Ed – it was his music course project. (I love “Scar” by the way.)

    Here’s one for you, coincidence that is – just been to Perth blues club tonight – today is the anniversary of Rory Gallagher’s death, and it was a “tribute night”. Both bands played a handful of his numbers in their sets, the first guitarist Gary Cox (?) is a geordie (ie from Newcastle, England) – the last place I saw Rory Gallagher play (alive, naturally) was – Newcastle city hall.

    BTW the blues club and the “blue to the bone” muso’s night are run by Rick Steele, father of Katy (Little Birdie) Steele, on the cover of this month’s Rolling Stone, and Luke (Sleepy Jackson) Steele top-tipped by NME, Rolling Stone, NYT & GQ .

    Connections maybe, rather than synchronicity.

    And another one … the keyboard player (Travis) who back’s Rick when I’ve seen him recently, often makes me think he needs a Leslie (rotating speaker) behind his electric piano (John Lord, Deep Purple style effect). Well tonight’s band had a Leslie; years, maybe 20, since I’ve consciously seen one. Beautiful wooden cabinet BTW 😉

  3. I sang in a concert on Sunday. The pieces were all by john rutter, familiar? One of them was called “the banquet fugue”.

    See, I want to play, too.

  4. ok, here’s the problem i have with syncronicity (not in the dictionary), coincidence or whatever the hell it’s being called today.

    I’m sick of people being fooled into thinking things.

    I’ll give you an example: my daughter’s very best and closest friend died in an automobile accident. She was a gorgeous (no, really) twenty one year old woman. She should have lived until she was eighty-five and should have had six grandchildren and twelve great grandchildren at her funeral. My daughter loved her with a love which is unique among people of their age.

    Coincidently, I am a very close friend of her mother’s. I sang at the memorial service for this young woman. They live (lived) in Sedona, Arizona, home of all things spiritual. there is a tour that takes tourists to all of the vortexs which supposedly exist in Sedona and emit some kind of energy junk (never really looked into it).

    So my friend, who just lost her amazing daughter, who should not have died, no way, goes to the local psychic and gets in touch with her daughter for a chat. they’ve had many. And when my friend tries to tell me about all of these “from beyond the grave” conversations, I smile weakly (on the phone) and say “that’s wonderful” What I really want to say is “that’s bullshit, why not just sit with the fact that we are born and then we die and that death could come at any moment, which you now know.” I’m sure she knows that’s what I really think.

    So all of this speculation about connections, just makes me dizzy. there is nothing out there. It’s all in here. is there a name for what i am besides cynical?

  5. Nope I don’t believe you are cynical.

    OK, let’s distinguish between “connections” between reasonably observable real world situations, and the “beyond the grave” stuff. Whilst I do as you know harbour the belief that there may be communication paths and maybe some other aspects of consciousness, beyond existing electromagnetic physics, and beyond physical brains, that doesn’t support the idea of the human “soul” beyond the grave. Paranormal academic Sue Blackmore’s open-minded journey to scepticism, puts the lie to such whackier paranormal claims.

    Apart from the very sad story at it’s heart there is some good material in there. Not least the (undoubtedbly true) fact that she knows you know, she knows that you think it’s bullshit … but you still maintain the positive relationship. Where is that “connection” coming from ?

    As to whether the connections are really “out there” or simply “in here” in our heads, you have to remember where I’m coming from. There are very few “facts” out there (if any) anyway. All connections and interpretations are made in heads. (Hofstadter, my latest read, is very strong on whether information containing patterns exist intrinsically in the absence of a mind to interpret.)

  6. “Where is that “connection? coming from ?”

    It is known commonly as friendship. Can i define it? I can only do so by the feeling of it. It’s the person i can call any time and have a wonderful, connected conversation with. It’s the person i can look at in the middle of a party and have a private laugh with at what is going on. It is the way my daughter and i can talk about our beliefs with passion and tolerance (this was not always possible). It is the tone in my sister’s voice that tells me i have said something which has offended her.
    And it is the absence of it that i feel when I am speaking to someone with whom i feel no connection.

    Where is it coming from? I believe it is the deep need of people to connect with others…to have their beliefs and feelings acknowledged and affirmed (not necesarily agreed with).I think Caveamn calls this concurrence. It is both a blessing and a curse because it makes us beholding to each other.
    I think women are more in need of it and therefore more able to achieve it

  7. Just to let you know it was indeed me playing the Rory night. I am indeed a Geordie boy. That gig was also video’d and recorded. More than half our set were songs either by or performed by Rory. We had a great fun night.

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