Chris Packham in a Positive Light

Given the ongoing hit rate on my two posts on Chris Packham’s autism [last week] and [back in 2013], I must say he came across very personable in his appearance today on the BBC 90th birthday special for Sir David Attenborough.

[And – Post Note – seeing him in Springwatch recently – he’s obviously great when doing what he loves best, loving the natural world. Clarifies that my objection is public scientists being stood up as spokespeople for life beyond science or when such scientists, of their own free-will, dismiss the concept of anything of value beyond science. The problem is scientism, not science or scientists per se. Scientism within and beyond science. Scientists have human failings like the rest of us, and science has its own problems, some of which are due to the scientistic memeplex, if only science and its scientists could see it. Chris Packham is simply an archetypal example amongst the usual suspects.]


[Post Note however, here in 2017, his autism / aspergers is related to his extreme scientism – repeating again the fact he values less intelligent animals over humans, even his closest loved one. He rejects being thought a “freak” but even his wife is quoted as saying

he can seem so alien as to be extraterrestrial”

Nothing personal, he just is the archetype.]

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