On Bullshit

“The simple truth ” I don’t know, I just like it that way ” simply won’t do, so into this vacuum rushes the bullshit” a quote from Design Observer (Harry Frankfurt) via Adrian Trenholm comments on Johnnie Moore’s blog “Sophistry”. A story where a subject finding no credible patterns to explain something, concocts complex fiction. (Not quite the same point because this subject has deliberately been given no obvious easy explanation, but it does show how people prefer seemingly sophisticated explanations to simple ones. But, careful with that razor Occam !)

Johnnie also presents this antithesis, on exposing emotional honesty, in a Buddhist context, but without comment. What’s your point Johnnie ?

2 thoughts on “On Bullshit”

  1. I read this (good stuff) and sent the link to my niece who is working at her first job at an ad agency. Her speciality is branding.

    connections…the internet has certianly increased the frequency of them.

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