Joining Up The Dots

Joining Up The Dots is the holding name for a side project.

In its current form it resides at

It relates to Psybertron as follows: Psybertron is my personal blog, and since it has evolved and continues to evolve as a living thing, I know the posts and pages form a coherent thesis, but any casual reader would be hard pushed to discern it. That’s my writing project. Of course despite my difficulty, even reluctance, in articulating my one message under a single defining label, I do of course apply every aspect of it anywhere I find the opportunity in the day job and life at large.

In the course of Psybertron so far, as well as citing established published thinkers and writers from all eras, and bringing in reviews and references to my own posts, I have of course come across many fellow travellers with passionate agendas, maybe even published works, but who still struggle to get their message out to more than a few fellow enthusiasts. Whilst we share many important themes and messages, we are of course each still passionate about our own specific agendas and messages.

My agenda here in this side project, is to de-emphasise the individual agendas, in favour of of the common themes. Joining dots.

Of course “joining dots” sounds both static and atomistic, so maybe “weaving threads” less so. Still pretty physical and mechanistic though. “Intermingling flows” perhaps. Natural confluence, constructive confluence, dynamic co-creation – confluentiality … we could neologise all day. The point is whatever name we choose it emphasises the baggage of those words or the roots of the neologism. What we want is a rose by any other name.

Reluctance to define and name my own agenda is part of the de-emphasis. To minimise any baggage I bring myself.

I’ve tried a few times – on my own initiative (Joining Dots and Weaving Threads) and at the suggestion of others (The Global Circle) to provide a vehicle for the 2+2=5 co-creations rather than the my 2 beats your 2 individual agendas, where the result is at best 2 with lumps knocked out of it.

Mary Parker-Follett – compromise quote.

Peace good, truth & reconciliation better than a temporary truce ?


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  1. I can add you as direct subscriber, in fact I have done, but ALL posts and comments go to Twitter @psybertron.

    (My current WordPress theme doesn’t give direct self-subscribe option in the comment panel, and requires me to moderate / authorise a first comment. I’m planning a theme update to improve, but for now, you’re good to go.)

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