Island Guest

An October 2007  post here from “Island” (Rick Ryals) guesting on “A Quantum Diaries Survivor” (That’s a serious physics blog … so not for the faint-hearted.) Just collecting the link because, I don’t know why, but I need to understand what Island is on about, even if he’s wrong ;-).  I hit the link on … Continue reading “Island Guest”

Roger Boscovich 1711 – 1787

Just collecting links for future follow-up. Roger Anderton over on Friends of Wisdom has a special interest in Boscovich’s relativity work pre-dating Einstein, and in Lancelot Whyte a co-worker of Einstein, who also documented Boscovich work. The Wikipedia introduction is as good a summary as any to start with. (Beware confused nationality and consequent variants … Continue reading “Roger Boscovich 1711 – 1787”


That’s the “Completely Ridiculous Anthropic Principle” to you. The Anthropic Principle thread below spawned a long discussion thread with “Island” at Anthropic-Pinciple.Org And coincidentally “crap” was Island’s first comment on that post 🙂 In a nutshell, the way I see it, Island’s anthropic principle is a very weak form, and he uses teleology also in … Continue reading “CRAP”

Quantum Information & More

I continue to be fascinated by the developments at the British Computer Society Cybernetic Machine Specialist Group (BCS Cybernetics Group or BCSCMSG for short) despite the dense specialist jargon making proceedings all but unintelligible to any lay reader like myself. Here is the synopsis of papers presented at the BCSCMSG Symposium 10 as part of … Continue reading “Quantum Information & More”