Pirsig’s ZMM in Environmental Engineering & Science Newsletter

Vol 36 No.3 Presidents Letter September 2001 [QUOTE] The historical bifurcation of technical and liberal education may result in technological “advances” that are not always well-informed or in the long-term, best interest of society. Pirsig in the neo-classic, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, points to a possible cause, “What’s wrong with technology is … Continue reading “Pirsig’s ZMM in Environmental Engineering & Science Newsletter”

Run Rabbit, Run.

To illustrate my recent points [eg here] about memes suffering from too much communication …. In my manifesto I mentioned the fact that “rabbits run”. An idea, a piece of information released into the world, is very difficult to control being spread and multiplied by onward communication. Normally recognised in relation to subjects where there … Continue reading “Run Rabbit, Run.”

Isolation is necessary for evolution.

Blinding flash – One point I picked-up from Dawkins, is that whilst genetic mutation leading to potential evolution occurs spontaneously, anywhere in any organism, in order it to get into a cycle of re-inforcement by natural selection of species, it is necessary for that population to become isolated (genetically) from other populations. In talking about … Continue reading “Isolation is necessary for evolution.”

The Paradox of Progress by Dr James Willis

The Paradox of Progress by Dr James Willis [Quote] Throughout this book, I have used my experience of general practice as an analogy for life in a technological world … I have quoted some of the things they say in order to show the wisdom, love, humanity of ordinary people.[Unquote] A thoroughly recommended read, even … Continue reading “The Paradox of Progress by Dr James Willis”

Mind Culture Co-Evolution

Mind Culture Co-Evolution [From AsWeKnowIt.] Paul Kelly is hosting some interesting material from two ex professors of his. Including a review of “The End of Science: Facing the Limits of Knowledge in the Twilight of the Scientific Age (Benzon 1996)”. The introduction to Benzon’s Mind Culture Co-Evolution includes “Cultural evolution ….. shows up in the … Continue reading “Mind Culture Co-Evolution”

Blinded by the Light #2

Blinded by the Light #2 – Blogged this link yesterday. Having now read it I thought I’d share this substantial quote from Rory Remer at Kentucky Uni (working in “educational and counselling psychology” – though it could be any domain of interest IMHO.) I know nothing of the source credentials, but I feel I could … Continue reading “Blinded by the Light #2”

Does consciousness collapse the wave function ?

Does consciousness collapse the wave function ? Now this is far too close to mysticism (Gary ?) according to Dawkins anyway. But I’m not so sure. Elizabeth Hill, recorded in the same QM2003 proceedings cannot help also invoking Schroedinger [Quote] the major weak point of the arguement being the explanation as to why we have … Continue reading “Does consciousness collapse the wave function ?”