Who’s in Charge?

Another for the Master / Slave collection: This time David Hume quoted by David Gurteen: Reason is the slave of the passions. David Hume(1711-1776) vis Master & Emissary – McGilchrist after Einstein & Nietzsche and Logic vs Passion – Whyte / Boscovich (possibly alluding to Hume?)

Logic vs Passion

Lancelot White, writing in his 1961 edited collection of pieces on Roger Boscovich says, without attributing it to Boscovich (or to anyone else for that matter), “It has been said that … Man loves logic, but chooses his premises with passion.” Googled various whole and part versions of that expression, but cannot find it attributed … Continue reading “Logic vs Passion”

The Temple of Science

“I saw the famous Science Temple with its constant stream of worshippers.” A Problem in Communication By Miles J. Breuer, M.D. PART I – The Science Community I came across this accidentally via the name Ernst (surname of one author in the 1930 collection “Astounding Stories of Super-Science” on Project Gutenberg) whilst looking for Ernst Mach … Continue reading “The Temple of Science”

Space-Time / Space-Matter

Struck by a parallel, reading the Roger Anderton translation of the Dusan Nedelkovich (1922) work on Roger Boscovich (1763). A parallel with Alan Rayner. Earliest piece on unified field theory (100? years before Mach and 150 before Einstein) already led to ideas of relativity in the world as we experience it being distinct from any … Continue reading “Space-Time / Space-Matter”

The Edge 2012 Q&A

This year’s Edge question 2012 is: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DEEP, ELEGANT, OR BEAUTIFUL EXPLANATION? Many of the responses don’t really answer the question, but there are hundreds of responses on many subjects. These are a few that caught my eye – almost all mean further reading! Some are just interesting to see in this … Continue reading “The Edge 2012 Q&A”

Before the Big Bang ?

When watching last week’s BBC Horizon, I was disappointed to see the singularity and inflation still at the root of big bang theories. That’s despite the fact that two key subjects were brought up very early – causation itself (which is actually not discussed further), and the logical problem with the idea of time itself … Continue reading “Before the Big Bang ?”